The caves of Majorca: an underground paradise
27 enero, 2017


If we think about Mallorca and food, the first thing that comes our minds are the ensaimadas (a typical pastry) and the sobrasada (typical sausage). There are also some other popular products in the island, namely butifarras (sausages), caracoles (snails) and bred with tomate sauce and/or olive oil–which is not the most sophisticated dish on Earth, but good Lord, we love it, especially in the summertime.

Beyond the aforementioned Mallorcan typical delicatessen, there are also some other dishes that might not be as popular but you will not want to miss.



1. Trampó

Trampó is a harmonious, well-balanced and refined dish consisting of tomato, green Mallorcan peppers and Mallorcan onion–olive oil, salt and nothing else.  This is just about as simple and healthy as delicious and refreshing–a great idea when it is hot. You can also find coca de trampó (trampó on top of a pizza-like dough)–which is just spectacular.



2. Tumbet

Tumbet is a traditional vegetable dish from Mallorca. It is available at almost every local restaurant on the island as well as other areas such as Castellon. Tumbet is often served along with fish or meat, but on its own it makes a good vegetarian dish. Tombet combines layers of sliced potatoes, aubergines and red bell peppers previously fried in olive oil. The aubergines and red peppers should not be peeled. The whole is topped with tomato fried with garlic and parsley and presented in a way that it looks like a pie without a crust.

Tombet is the Mallorcan version of the Occitan ratatouille or the Catalan samfaina. Influenced by those dishes, nowadays some people add zucchini to the mixture, but this is a vegetable that is not present in the original dish.

3. Lechona asada a la mallorquina (Mallorcan roast suckling pig)

A popular dish in festivities in the island such as Christmas. In Mallorcan language, suckling pig is called porcella (feminine), hence its translation for lechona in Spanish.

4. Sopa Mallorquina (Mallorcan soup)

Very popular in the island, as the very name says–it has a lot of different variants. It is prepared with vegetables, along with thin slices of dried bread. Usually it comes with onions, pepper and cabbage.